Bishampton and local district retired intrepid cyclists

We meet every Friday, except when we don’t, at 9:00 am outside the shop and then take off into the known.

The cycling group was formed a few years ago by Martin Dickinson and Bill Ellis and Baldric owes its wonderful acronym to Bill Ellis.

The group welcomes anybody (as you can see below) to join in, even those who rely on electric engine assistance 😉

Friday March 15th 2019

Five intrepid cyclists were properly soaked by rain, sleet and hail. They were buffeted by high winds and yet made it back to the Village Shop for a well deserved cappuccino.

Congratulations are due to Tony, Tim, Rodney, Bill and Derek for braving such inclement weather.

Sadly no photographic evidence exists to support such intrepidity.

Friday 8th March 2019

Friday 8th March 2019 – 6 Intrepid cyclists – highest turnout of 2019! From left to right Tim, Tony, Gordon, Don, Derek & Rodney

Friday 22nd Feb 2019

Friday trip 22nd Feb 2019 From left to right: Tony, Rodney, Don, Bill & Derek relaxing after their exertions