Welcome to Bishampton & Throckmorton on-line, funded by the Bishampton & Throckmorton Parish Council and therefore, indirectly by you. Come here to check what’s on locally to Bishampton and Throckmorton because we include many villages nearby too.

Click on the “Events calendar” menu item (top of page) and you will see a full page of the current month’s events in glorious technicolour. You can then move forward month by month, week by week or day by day. Every event published here will have the option to link back to the originating organisation’s website, if they have one.

Any organisation wishing to advertise their upcoming event will be shown how to add events to this shared calendar of events. Just email us and we will give you a login and password allowing access to change the events calendar. We will include your contact details to help maximise publicity coverage. From then on you will be able to add events from your PC, laptop, iPad or mobile phone.