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Following our 2nd Extraordinary Parish Meeting on 14th August , we feel it is important to inform and reassure the community of the continuing commitment of the council to supporting our tenants at the shop.

There has been concern expressed in some quarters over the speed of the council’s response to the situation, though in fact actions were put in place shortly after the first break-in, to determine what security enhancements would benefit the shop and the staff.

The council have had to seek guidance from the post office, the police and Crime prevention service and of course our tenants, to determine what measures would be effective and appropriate.  The Post Office have re-stated that they believe the existing security to be adequate even after the break ins, a position we find surprising. Despite this opinion the council firmly believe that it is in the community’s best interests to invest in additional security for the premises to protect this valuable community asset.

At the meeting and as a direct result of extensive research conducted by members of the council, funds were able to be committed to immediate procurement of additional premises security measures, to be put in place as soon as installation can be scheduled.

Further measures for enhanced protection of shop personnel are still being discussed with crime prevention and our tenants as are further enhancement to the post office systems, though the post office liaison is with the shop owners rather than the council.

Naturally, there are strict controls over the spending of public (your) money which have had to be followed, but as a council we are also eager to find ways to be responsive within these legal procedures.

We trust that the community will agree our view of the importance of the shop to the villages and recognise and support our on-going commitment to taking action to ensure its continued operation.

PS – Please also help the shop to recover from these setbacks by supporting them with your —–business!

Bishampton and Throckmorton Parish Council
16th August 2019

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