Editor Login

Editor Login

It is not necessary to have or use  a Login ID to view the Event Information.  If you already manage events on the calendar you will have been given login details which can be entered on the menu on the right.  If you would like to register to add events for the community please contact us so that we can set up an ID and details for you.

Contact us:-

You can send an email to the webmaster here.

You can email the Parish Council here.


The Calendar Events page in detail

You start with a month or “grid” view, which is probably all you will ever need if you use a PC or tablet like an iPad. It even works fine on a posh modern Mobile phone.

You may also choose a week by week, simple list or day by day view either of which can employ the “grid” or “list” view.

Clicking on an event may reveal a pop-up box providing extra information and a link to the organiser’s website if there is one. Google maps are also available for most locations.